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Oil Changes

For affordable oil changes and filter replacements, you can trust the professionals at Niels Auto Repair Service in Thousand Oaks, California. We also offer oil recycling as part of our automotive services package. SEA-30 and synthetic oil are available for purchase at an additional cost.

All about Oil

Oil is the fluid lubricant that allows all the moving metal parts in the engine chamber to keep working with each other without grinding or chipping to a nasty halt. Petroleum-based oil has a tendency to break down organically in most normal engine use.

Dirty Engines

After specific duration, the chemical gets too hot and reaches a gas state, rendering it useless for metal parts lubrication purposes. Instead, the engine is clogged with burned residue commonly referred to as burnt carbon or engine buildup.
The oil that isn't washed off by other oil sticks to engine parts, reducing performance. Given chemical technology, synthetic oil has produced better results and greater product longevity before needing fluid changes. In some instances, it can last longer than traditional earth-drawn petroleum-based mineral oils.

Improved Performance

Depending on driving distances or intervals, the frequency of oil change limits are usually the same. Well-maintained vehicles have been able to perform for as many as 200,000 miles in travel, and conversion to synthetic oil prolongs engine performance.
Contact us to request an estimate on a quick and easy oil change that will keep your vehicle running properly.